AVALANCHE ADVENTURES is a purpose focused group of Colorado Cowboys who are entering races all around the globe aboard their new carbon fiber HH50. Designed by Morrelli & Melvin, Supplied with Sails from the world renowned North Sails, and built by HH Catamarans. The boat is known as AVALANCHE. JOHN BARRY III the captain of AVALANCHE started a community of fans during his first circumnavigation around the world. He met many incredible individuals and hardships throughout his journey in and out of 76 countries. You may have heard  that he was trapped in the ice in the Southern Ocean... not once but twice, he even lost a boat to the sea, and encountered pirates, but what you may not have heard is that he has begun a new journey not just sailing around the world, but racing in every corner with a new crew and new boat. Many challenges are sure to come.


Soon after Johns completion of his first lap MATHEW HUCK a Journalist, Filmmaker, and Photographer joined the new race team to document and tell the story of the brave crew and members who will be racing the new catamaran. The team is full of elite and world famous sailors who will surely make a splash in the races to come.

 Every week our movement gets larger and our story more known. THOMAS WARET an ecologist and environmental agent by trade recently came on board as the head of activism. He is a member who served on many legs on the first expedition around the world and will be taking up all of our humanitarian, environmental, and ecological projects on this lap. We have completed our first full feature episode and are gearing up to launch our new series about the crew and their adventures aboard the new maiden.


We are producing professional quality films of our adventures, races, activism projects, and posting them exclusively on our new YouTube Page


Helping the people most in need all around the world as we travel and engulf ourselves in the cultures around us

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John Barry III

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