Updated: Dec 10, 2020

So many photos to share with you guys from the last month of living in the wilderness of the Pacific Ocean so I'll just keep dropping them here along with stories of our adventures.

This was one of the first stops we made after leaving Ensenada, Mexico and beginning to head South for the Sea of Cortez. We witnessed an eagle perched atop a shipwreck, met an 80 year old man named Ula, and a family helping collect rocks along the beach to build a house for their ever-growing family. John, Thomas, and I are growing closer and closer each day as we accept and overcome the challenges of exploring a new country aboard an unfamiliar but epic new boat.

When we first arrived on the beach we tied our dingy to the nearest fence post and drug it out of the water. Shortly after we noticed an elderly man soaking up the sun and enjoying his Mexican music outside his home. Naturally, the social butterfly that John is, we approached him and struck up a conversation. We discovered that he was Norwegian and had lived on this beach his entire life. He spoke very little English, but with our broken Spanish and his broken English we were eventually able to communicate.

If you look closely in the pictures you can see Ula's name on the side of the hill above his house. He lived in a very quaint home right on the beach with very little luxuries of life yet the entire time we conversed he was smiling and advising us on where to take our hike. We found his home beautiful and Ula even more pleasant. He was a proud man who was excited to see adventurous travelers. Before we left and hiked miles along the beach he invited us for a tour of his lot. He showed us his guest house and a shipwreck he drug up onto his property from the beach with a tractor. Both were equally as impressive! The ship acted as more of a decoration than anything that he actually used in everyday life, but it was so interesting to see how excited he was to show us what he had worked so hard to build over his lifetime.

After our tour of Ula's property we continued along the coast for miles. We hiked along smooth rocks that had been molded by time and the ocean waves, sandy white beaches, and even red silty cliffs that dropped off right into the edge of the ocean. As we walked we talked about life and why we all have our own reasons for seeking adventures like this.

As we talked about family, community, and our goals with adventures to come we stumbled across a family who was stuffing bags full of rocks and carrying them up to their Ford SUV. Curious what they were doing we asked one of them and we discovered that they were collecting material for a new house they were building to shelter the oldest son in the family. He was moving out of his parents house and needed a new home to live. It was quite nice seeing his entire family working together collectively to build something he needed to begin his own family. It sounds so simple, but there was true beauty in watching them work and help each other. As a few members of the family filled the bags the strong men would hoist them above their shoulders and carry them up to the edge of the road where the SUV could collect them and haul them into town. They definitely got their use out of that truck. They would load it down with as many as 30 bags each weighing easily 80 - 100 pounds. You could tell they had been collecting rocks and hauling them for days, but I didn't hear a single member complain or even second guess why they were working so hard for their elder brother.

At this point we decided to turn around and head back to the boat. It was getting late and the sun was receding behind the near by cliffs quickly. So we hiked back along the beaches, the silty red cliffs, and the smooth rocks to make it back to Ula's. When we got back, Ula came out to welcome us. As we approached his homestead he pointed to the top of the mast of the old shipwreck which was acting as a perch for an Eagle. A beautiful but quite fierce eagle. As I approached him with my camera to get a close up photo I noticed his razor sharp talons , his intimidating yellow eyes, and his massive wing span. When I got about 10 yards from the ship he glared down at me and we made eye contact for a few seconds as he couldn't help but notice that I was intruding on his space.

Thank you to everyone following along on our journey. We have so much more to tell you about.