Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I'm always totally honest with my reports as a captain, which is pretty much required by maritime storytelling law! So, I have to declare in this report that I've always thought of whales as giant rats! The dang pests are everywhere! Whales have run into my little boat six times and have always caused a lot of damage! Like yacht sinking kind of damage!!!!!! Each crash has been at night, in a race, running down the French, and at very high speeds! So, I'm wondering if these whales are so smart, then why don't they get the heck out of the way when I'm trying to win a yachting race? Marblehead to Halifax Race, The TransAtlantic Race, The Newport Solo Twin Race, The Newport to Bermuda Race, and a couple more that my insurance guy remembers better then I do! But then, I run into my new Tongan friend, Otto, the whale swimming king and he invites me to go swim with him and his whales! I, of course, accepted the invitation but I know that I don't like the stinky creatures! So, I woke up before breakfast and climbed aboard Otto's inflatable speed boat and we raced off to meet with his whale friends. We found a gaggle of them pretty quickly, stopped the engine, Otto yells out a Tarzan kind of holler, and dives into the water with his whale buddies! I summon up my courage and dive in after him! Otto takes off like a bat out of Hell and I follow with all of my aged Iron Man Triathlon used to be speed and then I'm actually swimming with whales!!!!!!! OMG! I'm so sorry that I always thought of you blokes as rats! My new whale friends sing and dance like it's a ballet, and look at me with intelligent eyes! They love their children as I do! They see me and actually like me hanging out with them! Hahahahehe! Dang it, this is so cool for a cowboy from the mountains of Colorado! Otto sir! Thank you so much for bringing me to your parallel universe! I'm honored to have met your friends, the humpback whales! My new friends!

JB III, Captain, South Pacific Ocean, Coconut Highway, home of Otto, and the whales!