Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Good morning Fans of Avy! We woke up today anchored off this low isle named "Low Isle"! We're within an Aussie preserve so we can't slaughter fish here. Since we arrived last night, Avy has been surrounded by sharks! Many sharks! Ha! So no swimming until further notice! Our last anchorage was a large U shaped sunken reef out on the GBR. There was no visible land but the reef completely killed the large ocean waves built up by the never-ending 35 to 52 mph southeast trade winds. Inside the reef were flat water and the most incredible sea life that this skipper has ever seen! Giant turtles were everywhere! Our little racing dinghy with her trusty 2.3 horsepower motor startled these turtles and they would literally fly through the water and leave a powerboat wake behind them. One old guy was as big as the racing dinghy! The spearfishing was plentiful but our only problem was that the Avy rule is that we only slaughter what we can eat or use as future bait on a fishing line. We nailed this barracuda immediately upon arriving into Cairns Reef and he was, as you can see, as big as our navigator's leg.

He'll keep us in protein for five days and he's delicious! The official score now is Avy Crew 3, crocs 0, sharks, and barracudas 0! Our strategy is to spearfish until a bad guy arrives and then we alert our fellow crew and we fly out of the water into the racing dink for our escape to another reef! We'll make landfall today in Cairns for parts, minor repairs, and provisions! Cairns pretty much marks the end of pure OZ wilderness and the beginning of civilization, cell service, and maybe wifi. And the expedition continues!

JB III, Captain Slaughter reporting in from the GBR, Queensland, OZ!