Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Bonjour Mates and Muffins! Avy and I made our landfall on Bora Bora last night! It is so cool here! I'm presently writing to you all from the front deck of the Bora Bora Yacht Club! After getting the hook down, I really needed a cold beer and some more fresh raw tuna so I immediately blasted in to the club on the Racing Dinghy! BTW! The racing dinghy has never lost a race! When I landed in the club bar, I straight away went into my usual, "Hi! Glad to meet you! I'm John Barry, an American! I'm sailing around the world again!" I always make friends fast with my patented approach! Please don't anyone else try it though! Some times they try to steal your Avy T-shirt! The first response was and is always: Wait! On that trimaran thing? Can you sleep in those Marans on the sides? How fast does she go? Hmmmmm, you're not married, are you? Hahaha! So, a bloke bought me a local beer and I dove in with stories about the Arctic ice, whale slaughters, getting thrown out of various countries, and of course the Southern Ocean! I always wonder if they believe me! What crazy tales!

Bora Bora is just like what I've always heard about! Beautiful water, mountains, waves, and my unwholesome friends say, women! I haven't noticed it! Boys are pigs! My daughter tells me so!

Some new Poly friends told me where to find the best surfing waves! Whenever I show up with my white water kayak and line up for my turn on the wave, I get a lot of strange looks. They're all surfing on boards, boogie boards, wave skis, and normal things. Polynesians normally laugh a lot but I know that when they see me with my helmet, spray skirt, and life jacket, they're definitely laughing at me! After a few "Apre vous", I take my spot on a big wave and barrel down its face. If I do an ender or flip and roll up, my new friends stop laughing and start cheering for the weird American! Then we switch crafts and I try to teach them how to roll a white water kayak! It clears the sinuses! It's a great way to make friends and the Polys are really easy to make friends with! I love these folks!

It's also very easy to make friends with the other yachties as well. We're all going in the same direction! Downwind and through the "Coconut Highway"! There are several single-handed salts like myself and they hale from all over the world. And their sea stories are terrific! I'm finding out that if you've never hit the reef, had a leak in your hull, have all your electronics fail, or never get thrown off of a country, then you're not really an adventurer! Whew! That's a relief!

Wifi is slow and rare here so please tell my kids not to worry if I don't check in often! Their dad still has his hand on the intrepid Avalanche's wheel!

Ciao my friends!

JB III, Captain, Reporting in from the headquarters of hula dancing!