Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Several wonderful "Friends of the New Avalanche" have asked me, "Where are you going captain with the new Avalanche, the website / blog, and future adventures? " Among the usual goals of high adventure, sailing around the world again, meeting people, and racing in the biggest most famous yacht races on the globe, we're using the highly sponsored profile of the "Avalanche Ocean Racing Team" to use Capitalism as a vehicle to offer opportunities to my young professional brave crew, the people that admire Americans all over the world, and to give a major boost up to native indigenous people all over the world!

Due to my epic parents, I was taught and trained my whole life to be an entrepreneur, a professional salesman, and a Capitalist. I taught my own kids the same things and sent them all off to business school. Cassidy Barry set a new Barry Family world record by earning TWO business degrees! They have all gone on to successfully pursue their own goals and dreams! They are happy, healthy, and prosperous! One of my few skill sets is to pass on what I learned from many years of business. I know how to scratch start and grow successful businesses and have great fun doing so!

The "main crew" on the new Avalanche are all professionally educated young, energetic folks who want to both go on adventure and become successful Americans (and one Frenchman)! Most have recent business degrees. These friends would be successful without me but I'm excited to help them with a leg up! As we slowly and painfully break out of the covid 19 crisis, young people are finding no jobs, no adventure, little opportunity, and an America that disdains success. Real entrepreneurs make the decision to not participate with a bad economy! They find ways to thrive!

One of my goals with the new Avalanche is to network with successful sponsors, and create a consortium of opportunities for entertainment and high adventure. We have started the for profit company, www.avalancheadventures.org. I will teach my young professional friends how to start a business and every full time brave crew will work hard and share in our prosperity. Over time, I will pass on our new company to them and they can continue to pursue greatness! In the meantime, we'll spread good will and opportunities all over the world! The new Avalanche will get her first splash and test dunk on August 7, 2020! Arrival to Southern California is planned for mid October!!!!!

Please congratulate and cheer for our new Avalanche, brave crew / entrepreneurs; Mathew Huck, D.j. Jones, Thomas Waret, Krystl Donaldson, Ryan Taft.

JB III, Captain

S/V Avalanche